Look into Residual Income Options

I am suggesting that the more aggressive NOAI members look into an expanding opportunity of adding "Residual Income" to your business.  There is no need to end or reduce your actual service jobs, but it seems likely that you can spend some effort opening some new avenues of income for your business.  Not everyone want to pay for a service, schedule that time slot, or interrupt their day for a treatment.  But, the need is very real and will actually become a continued necessity even after a vaccine is introduced.  I suggest that you consider the neglected income opportunities that can increase your income without increasing your work load.

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My plan is to show NOAI members who to master all types of IAQ issue with "Oxidative Solutions" that are environmentally safe, effective, and can boost your business.  The fifth auxillary tool is filtration systems.  If you mast these Four Oxidative tools and the use of filters, you are going to be greatly empowered to solve a multitude of issues.


Ozone Generators:  Make no mistake, "We love Ozone", and it is still  powerful tool.  Ozone can do in a few hours with less physical toil than nearly any other process.  Use ozone to "Break the Back" of strong threats, kill mold, and quickly sanitize the building.  The downside is the need to vacate the area.  The upside as that we can use ozone alone or in combination with the other systems for a more complete solution.  

I know that heavily-used ozone equipment need maintenance and will lose power over time.  We are ramping up our system with the 15/20G MAXX that is supberbly constructed and now has the ozone transformer and plates as a easily-replacable module.  This system has two fans (intake and exhaust for reliability and forceful air movement) and the modular replacement of the primary parts.  See: www.allozone.com

Secondly, we are introduxing the XPRO ozone generator with glass-lined (cold fusion type) ozone electrodes.  Do not be fooled by the mg/hr specs since all other ozone systems are rated using pure oxygen (20% oxygen in the air means ambient rate lowers such output claims by 80%).  40,000 mg/hr is actually more like 8,000 mg/hr.  Surprizing, huh?  XPRO is really honest about the ambient air ozone output.  The cold-fusion system produces superior ozone output that is more effective than you might think.  www.professiinalozone.com

Decon Five is our "Brute Force" tool when we wants a targeted treatment and ozone is not applicable.  We use ULV foggers or electrostatic sprayers to apply Decon Five for immediate results.  Size down to a spray bottle for cars or small areas, but Decon Five can scale up to treat large areas that ozone equipment cannot service.  Decon Five is your "GoTo Option" when you need to tackle complex jobs.  Combine with ozone pre-treatment for a more profound imapct that assures a complete success for the job.


Hydroxyl Generators:  We use finesse tools that are not so imposing on the people in the building and provide a "Long-Term Treatment".  Ozone and Decon Five are "Immediate Treatment" for your service calls, but finesse systems are best at treating residual problems of persistent odors, infectious threats, or sick building syndrome.  Hydroxyl generator are installed as a resident solution.

I am offering a 20% off retail for the hydroxyl generators for three months to encourage you to try the "Lease/Rent" of these 24/7/365 sanitizing systems.  So, the popular T2000 Hydroxyl generators (Retail $1459) is available to NOAI members for $1175.  At roughly $12,000, your strategy would be to require $400 down and $400 per month for a three month trial.  That pays off the system.  To incentivize the continuing use of the infection protection, you then offer an annual lease of $250-300 per month.  This makes the service far more affordable than paying for a service just once a month instead of a nightly treatment or hiring a staff to sanitize all surfaces.  See: www.hydroxylsanitizing.com

Vortex Dry Fogging System: The Vortex fogging system is new and exactly what businesses need.  The Vortext fogger is programmed to produce an ultra-fine dry fog that sanitizes the air and all surface without any residue left behind.  Whether used as a stand-alone system or add-on to your ozone or Decon Five treatment, Vortex uses CLO2 oxidative solution that is effective and leaves no residue.  www.professinalozone.com/vortex

The Vortex system retails at $1599, and the NOAI member 20% price is $1280.  You could offer the Vortex for the same $400 deposit and monthly fee for the three month trial.  Then, $250-300 per month for the an annual commitment.  Included in the Vortex program is the routine stop in to refill the vortex or drop off the supply needed for the month.

As an active 2021 NOAI member, you will receive a special DISCOUNT PAGE for all four oxidative tools, and my new training report on "How to Use the Four Oxidative Tools" which includes additional information of when and how to use filter systems.  This is very empowering information whch will greatly ramp up your professional skills and improve the success of any job.


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