National Air Quality Institute

National Air Quality InstituteNOAI is pleased to partner with the Green Clean Institute and the National Air Quality Institute to promote professional IAQ training for service providers in any parts of the United States.  NOAI understands that ozone is only one part of the indoor air quality services.  Frankly, there is a lot more to the IAQ service industry than most people may think.

Ozone is a Green and eco-safe treatment that is very useful for odor removal, sanitizing, mold remediation, and decontamination.  However, ozone has its advocates and critics.  And we know that there is no one single solution to the many types if IAQ problems that professionals may encounter.

All three organizations are committed to non-toxic and eco-safe solutions to the everyday IAQ threats that happen in all types of buildings.  Of course, there are several good options a professional IAQ service can employ to solve all types of indoor environmental problems.  These eco-safe solutions not only solve the target threat, but also aid in improving the overall indoor environment.

The huge mistake of most buildings is the belief that the maintenance program is already healthy.  In large part, even boastful Green cleaning programs are using improved cleaning and sanitizing products but are still a modest improvement.  Yet, the facts and statistics show that the improvements are not nearly enough.  

The ill-preparedness was glaringly demonstrated with the lack of sanitizing readiness of our current staff of cleaners or cleaning service.  Not only were they unprepared, they also resorted to some very bad products that pushed the air quality in the wrong direction.

The door is now wide open for committed services and new businesses to step into more than a sanitizing service but to create an important air quality service that can actually deliver a superior sanitizing services.  We strongly recommend the IAQ Specialist course that is offered with the support of NAQI.