Basic Ozone Training for Everyone

Ozone Training ResidentialIn 2020, the National Ozone Association offers a new, efficient course from non-professionals.  With the availability of ozone generators everywhere online, we felt it necessary to step into a cloud of confusing claims and hype.  

Our office fields dozens of calls every month from people who bought, or plan to buy, an ozone generator.  Sadly, it seems that ozone sellers will say almost anything to sell their equipment.  In the end, the machine comes with little or no instructions, and mistakes happen.  

NOAI has now prepared a course from layman, or non-professionals, to better understand the use of an ozone generator before they make mistakes they regret.  While ozone is safe, eco-friendly, and effective; it still has some valuable protocols to follow.  

The mistakes first happen when buying an ozone generator.  Many machines are too small, too large, or garage-built.  Many of the most heavily promoted ozone generators are the worst choices.  So, we explain how to find the right size ozone generator.

The Basic Ozone Training course is not a certificate course, but an education for non-professionals.  If you are a professional and want the certification and use of the Certified Ozone Technician logo, you should opt for the Certified Ozone Technician course, a $149 fee.

An ozone treatment also has techniques that improve the quality of the job and minimizes problems.  When investing hundreds of dollars into an ozone generator, why not spend $25 to hear from an organization that trains professional ozone applicators?  In fact, don't buy an ozone generator until you have taken the time to learn about ozone and how it is used to treat common problems.   READ MORE ...