CBD as a Holistic Solution

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What I am going to explain now may seem kind of off-topic, but my experience has given me an education in many things I did not anticipate.  We treat for bad odors and mold problems, but I have found that about 30% of our clients complain of general health concerns.  It is sometimes hard to determine if the total problem is environmental or some nagging health issue.  As a remediation or environmental service, I steer clear of diagnosing problems or drawing conclusions.

However, I have found a wonderful idea that I share with my customers when it seems appropriate.  That is CBD (hemp oil extract for the CBD value).  CBD is short for cannabinoid that is taken from the hemp plant.  The hemp plain and marijuana plant are related, but the CBD oil does not get you high.  THC in marijuana is the psychogenic ingredient that is not the active ingredient in CBD.

CBD oil literally goes back centuries as a herb used for many health problems.  It has been rediscovered with the rising interest in marijuana and the free-flow of information of the Internet.  And, this herb extract is 100% legal in all fifty state.

I find that CBD capsules, oral drops (tincture), or chewables are fantastic for pains and aches.  The boomer generation has laughed off the marijuana idea but embraced this non-medicine solution to arthritis pain, anxiety, and so much more.  As boomers, my wife and I have fallen in love with a life free of ordinary pain related to age.

So, as odd as it may seem, I find myself constantly recommending CBD to others.  No prescription needed, and no side-effects to worry about.  Just take a capsule or two per day according to your need, and keep the salve/balm on hand for those problem areas.  My recommendation is "Try it and See for Yourself".  

You'll find a lot of information about CBD at www.amazingpainfree.com