Best Practices for Ozone Remediation

Best Practices for OzoneThe use of ozone for a variety of environmental remediation services has created a new industry segment.  We see a variety of services that now include ozone as an important tool in the services they provide.  Such industries are:

   - Odor removal services
   - Mold Remediation
   - Duct cleaning service
   - Carpet cleaning services
   - Sanitizing and infection control
   - Trauma Cleanup services
   - Hoarder home restoration

Yet, there has been a dearth of reliable information, training, and professional development that should be found in a professional service.  The mistakes of ill-informed ozone service providers has hindered the adoption of ozone as a legitimate concept and drawn criticism from many corners.

The National Ozone Association has taken on the challenge of developing the basic standards and protocols that will aid in th professional growth of this emerging service industry.  NOAI has published the "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation" that endeavors to identify the critical facts and professional aspect for remediation treatment using an ozone generator.

Available in the Certified Ozone Technician course