How to Better Use Ozone in Hotels

There is no doubt that using an ozone generator to get rid of smoke and odors in hotel rooms is a good idea.  But there are two downside to using ozone.  First, a treatment can be 1-4 hours in length, and there is is the ozone smell after it has finished the job.  The third issue is poorly informed workers who might leave the machine on too long and embed the ozone smell.

We suggest that every facility or operations manger should take the certified ozone technician course, and learn our two step process that reduces the ozone treatment to about 30 minutes and delivers a higher level of results.  This method is environmentally-safe and will not leave any odd odors after the treatment is done.  

Step One is always uses an ozone generator with a timer to insure that a busy work crew does not forget the machine and let it run for hours.  The 1530G MAXX from is a durable and powerful ozone generator.  The two levels of ozone output (15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr) will address light odors versus strong odors. 

Step Two is a fogging treatment that cancels out the ozone smell and works at another level to cancel smoke, odors, mold, mildew, and delivers an EPA registered disinfection process.  An effective treatment can be easily delivered in minutes, not hours.

It seems apparent that forward-thinking operation managers will see the benefits of a more-effective treatment that takes less time.  The ability to deliver a sanitized and deodorized room in less hour is just amazing.

We suggest that any enterprising person in a company that sees a need for indoor environmental services of odor removal, smoke removal, sanitizing, or toxic building concerns check out the Certified Ozone Technician as a good starting point.  It is apparent that when there is an ongoing need for a service that we have made simple and effective, someone will see an open door to building a service within the company or creating a service that is needed by all types of services.

Our EPA registered, eco-safe, and Green process is time efficient and highly effective.  It is the perfect answer to concerns for odors, mold and mildew, smoke removal, and even sick building syndrome.  We also see the application to gyms, spas, therapy centers, medical offices, and companies with multiple location where employees may suffer from toxic or polluted buildings.

The starting point is the Certified Ozone Technician.  Then, you can expand your knowledge and skills with the IAQ Specialist course.  All of this comes with the support and guidance of   As you see the opportunity to grow a great concept into a great services, our people are happy to help you build your business plan and hone your skills.