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Buy Ozone Generator Tips

If you make the mistake of typing "Buy Ozone Generator" into the search engines, you will encounter a maze of product and astounding claims for each unit.  Then, the confusion kicks in as the ozone generator choices and claims are intended to grab attention and sell the promoter's machine.  It is best to start out with the basic questions.

How to Start an Ozone Business 2021

Ozone TrainingStarting an ozone business is not as simple as buying an ozone generator online and posting your new business on Facedbook.  The ozone market has a varied mixture of amateurs, promoters, and professionals.  It is easy to follow an YouTube promoter who makes money selling their version of ozone generator but doesn't care if you survive

Mold Sickness and Mycotoxins

We hear from various people regarding mold treatments; and for the most part, the processes are successful.  The use of ozone prior to the remediation is a good idea because dead mold will not react by pushing out spores when disturbed.  It makes good sense to treat a molded area with ozone before, during, and after the actual work is done.  

Ozone and Allergy Relief

One of the surprising benefits of ozone is the relief experienced by allergy sufferers after the ozone treatment has been applied.  The positive benefits are often immediate and profound.  

Pet who are animal lovers but experiencing allergy symptoms as well as dog or cat odors often find that weekly ozone treatments are a great way to keep their house smelling better and their allergies under control.

Risk Management and IAQ Issues

Mold IAQEvery business lives daily under the threat of a legal action against them or the multiple governmental liabilities it may face.  There is no desire to add to the many concerns an HR person or company management may face, but it is important to set aside as many liabilities as possible.