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Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

There are three best-known forms of ozone generation.  First is ozone created by the intersection of UV light as it passes through an oxygen environment.  We see this in our upper atmosphere where UV light from the sun creates the "Ozone Layer" as the UV light hits the oxygen in earth's atmosphere.  We can recreate the same reaction when an ozone generator uses UV light to treat the air passing through the generator system.

How to Sanitize an Office with Ozone

With a high level of interest in sanitizing, we are getting a lot of calls about sanitizing with ozone.  To start, ozone is a reliable method of sanitizing, odor removal, and killing mold; but it should be done with a measure of professionalism.  Ozone is a broad spectrum sanitizing treatment that is also a chemical-free process.

Mario Bartiromo Talks about Classroom Air Treatment

MariaWhile so many people, including IAQ professionals, are wondering how to reach into the explosive market created by COVID-19, Maria recently interviewed the CEO of Delos about their efforts to treat shool classrooms.  Delos makes a variety of air filtration systems, and have placed 100,000 of their air filtration units into classrooms.