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Too Much Ozone for the Job

There is an occasional issue that we hear about at the offices of the National Ozone Association, and that is over-treatment of house, room, or building during an ozone treatment.  Think of ozone as you might any remediation or cleaning product.  You can use too little, or too much.  Think of cleaning with something as simple as water.  Cleaning a very dirty floor with too little water will make mud.

Potential Damage from Prolonged Ozone Exposure

In the ongoing saga regarding the effect of ozone on electronics, we did our own experiment that exposed a plastic bag, a small speaker, and a cell phone to high levels of ozone (much higher than 20 ppm) for a period of 5 days.  Frankly, our meter does not go higher than 20 ppm, so with a 3000 mg/hr ozone cell in a box less than 2 foot square was super-intense.

Does Ozone Damage Plastic or Rubber?

The rumor that ozone can damage rubber or plastic in a home is a very dated topic.  So, let's clear this up.  To make the point properly, let's go back to what ozone is and how it works.  Ozone is oxygen.  It has been enriched from the standard O2 molecule to an O3 molecule.  We are told that ozone is "Reactive", which means it will react with other compounds or elements.  That reaction is not an explosion or a noxious gas.  The reaction is OXIDATION.