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How to Use an Ozone Generator

The concept of ozone is relatively simple.  You only need to turn on the machine for a specific length of time and let it do the job of destroying odors, killing mold, sanitizing germs, or cleansing the air.  However, there is more to the use of ozone than knowing how to use the on/off switch.

Ozone Generator Failures

Ozone generator hypeHere's some some reasons why buying your first or next ozone generator is a mistake or a smart decision.  Price is one measure of the quality of the ozone generator, but not the major issue.  We believe that the "Build" or construction is the best way to make your decision on which system to buy.  Unfortunately, most people are not equipped to evaluate the construction, materials, and quality of the unit.

Promote Your Ozone Business

If you are in the ozone service business, you already know the internet marketing is more than a cheap website.  Rule #1 for nearly all websites is not to rely on them to drive your business.  It takes a a lot of effort to get a highly-ranked website.  Then, it needs to develop or draw traffic to you site.  But, there is a simple method to promote your website without spending a ton of money with questionable SEO or SEM promotion services.

Treating Mold with Ozone

It is true that ozone will kill mold, and that is good news for many who are looking for a simple process to treat mold in their home or business.  To kill mold, you will need several hours of a high-saturation of ozone saturation.  It is unlikely that a 5000 mg/hr machine is up to the task.  

Liquid Ozone but Even Better

Liquid ozone, also known as aqueous ozone, has a variety of commercial and medical applications; however aqueous ozone has proven awkward for remediation services.  Ozone does not stay suspended in water very long.  And, when pressurized to create a fine spray ozone escapes from the water even faster.  Finally, spraying copious amounts of water in most buildings is another problem.