How Does Ozone Work?

First of all, ozone is just a different formulation of normal oxygen.  O2 is the normal configuration of two ozone atoms.  Through a simple process, an ozone generation breaks the bonds of O2 to cause a temporary bonding of three oxygen atoms.  The extra oxygen atom is very loose and will easily disconnect and adhere to other compounds.  By adding an oxygen atom at the molecular level, the result is something called oxidation.

Best Ozone Generator made for Professionals

Best Ozone GeneratorAfter a decade in the business, we have seen it all.  When it comes to an ozone generator, they have been around since the time of Nicoli Tesla.  Ozone generators are sold online by Youtube-Hypesters and promoters of all types.  So, prepare to be totally confused if you are willing to attempt to sort the false boasts from actual facts.

Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe?

We have used chlorine dioxide (CLO2) many times.  We have used the stabilized liquid for spraying, and the non-stabilized tablets in trays.  Basically, chlorine dioxide works, and it is a rival to ozone.  So, the comparisons made here are meant as helpful information, not to slam one or the other.  Ozone and chlorine dioxide are both considered "Oxidizers".  That means both produce available oxygen atoms into the air or spray to oxidize the target threats.

Sick Home & Sick People find Solutions

As a service that deals with mold, odors, pullulation, and diseases that abound in the environment, we know that part of the equation is the health and stability of the people who hire us.  Of late, we have been recommending the use of CBD products as a aid to those we encounter.  Our personal experience with CBD has been remarkable, and we feel that this is the non-medicine way to stabilize out-of-balance lives.

Too Much Ozone for the Job

There is an occasional issue that we hear about at the offices of the National Ozone Association, and that is over-treatment of house, room, or building during an ozone treatment.  Think of ozone as you might any remediation or cleaning product.  You can use too little, or too much.  Think of cleaning with something as simple as water.  Cleaning a very dirty floor with too little water will make mud.

Is Ozone Noxious? Or is it Natural?

Misinformation is to the Internet as rumors are to high school.  The truth may be quite different from the rumor, but if it is repeated often enough ... the lie starts to sound like the truth.  And, I have heard more than my fair share of half-truths and malicious rumors about ozone.  

Here is the latest misleading comment, "Ozone is a noxious gas".   Really?  Noxious by definition is "poisonous, toxic, deadly, harmful, and dangerous".  Is this how you really understand ozone?