Ozone Generators Review - Size Matters

Those seeking to go into the ozone business always run into the one common question.  "What kind of ozone generator should I Buy?"  There is a growing sense that buying a big machine is best, but let's think that through a bit.  While it is true in the odor removal and sanitizing business that "Bigger is Better" there are more things to consider when it comes to your purchases.  Basically, the volume of ozone output (measured in grams (g) or milligrams (mg) is diluted into the air.  This becomes the thimble or bucket illustration.  The more ozone output you can introduce, the higher the saturation (measured in ppm) will go.  Higher ppm means more of the active agent (ozone) is available to neutralize the threat.

Buying the Right Ozone Generator is also about Strategy

The other factor is "Placement".  Ozone is not a light gas that will waft everywhere.  It is lethargic and will tend to sit in an area.  Therefore, the use of more than one machine may give powerhouse result in one end of the building and not reach like you hope elsewhere.  So, here's the question again, "Which is better?  Two 30,000 mg/h ozone generators, or one huge 60,000 mg/h unit?" 

If you are doing a warehouse, wide open store, or capitol rotunda, you would probably want to go with two 28000 mg/h ozone generators.  This is because most of your clients are smaller building with bottlenecks for the air to get around.  So, you would want to divide and conquer. 

It would seem from the better advocates of "Shock Level Ozone", you do not want to go with anything less than 15,000 mg/h in an ozone generator.  We cover this issue in more detail in our business section for members, but small ozone generators do not get to the "Shock Level" fast enough (or ever), so that the full effect is muted.  Small ozone generators are actually air purifying units often pretending to be professional machines.

A going odor removal or sanitizing service will also find that it is more efficient to have multiple machines going when the schedule business.  Locking up with one larger machine means you must wait until one job is done to start the next.  This cuts profits by gas and time invested, so the logic argues for adding equipment as you grow that can handle a job or have more equipment to throw at a larger job.

The odor removal and sanitizing service is a great business.  There is a lot to learn and frankly, there are some new ideas coming at us that are amazing in their ability to promote your business and increase revenue.  The National Ozone Association is developed for the "Service Industry" meaning we are 100% focused on creating successful businesses.  Joining NOAI will give you the insights into start a great business, and tools found no where else.

in the end of it all, you can travel from New York to San Diego on a moped or Cadillac.  Both with get you there, but one will do the job much better.  Yes, size matters when you have a large job and touch odor to remove.

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