24/7/30 Infection Prevention

Fighting Infectious DiseaseNo matter how much you sanitize, you are always one infected person away from spreading an infectious disease to hundreds of other people.  This has been true for centuries, but we are now in an era where we can actually change the traditional cleaning process that has evolved, but has not risen to the challenge.  If the cleaning industry had known what these infectious diseases were going to do, we would have already been ahead of this disease. 

No one can stop a disease from spreading, but the more careless we are, the faster the infection will spread.  So, know we have had it pounding into our brains that we need to faithfully wash our hands, not touch our face, and avoid social contact during the peak of this infection.  But, it that it?

No, the cleaning services have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing, which is good.  But, not good enough.  The manpower needed to clean and sanitize a home, office, school, store, gym, or public building is rather like building a sandcastle on the ocean shore only to watch the tides and waves destroy it.

Likewise, all the hard work to sanitize a building is compromised when the first person enters the building.  It seems that any infection prevention program has the durability of tissue in a rainstorm.  And, it is at this point that we need to upgrade the concept of sanitizing and infection control.

Infection prevention should have germ-inhibiting power AFTER the job is done for it to be an effective countermeasure.  To that end, we are creating a new model for sanitizing that is literally a serious level above what we do for cleaning.  The pressure to push workers hard to do their work in several buildings a night does not allow for the real work of sanitizing.  Like floor stripping and refinishing, carpet cleaning, and pest control, infection prevention programs are going to be a special service that cannot well fit into the price-cutting, narrow-margins of a cleaning program.

We are introducing a bold three-layer program that will do an amazing job to sanitize and detoxify the building followed by a mist application that provides an ongoing infection control system that works for 30 days if the process is applied as directed.

Start with the GCI training program called "Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers" and you will discover that we not only have a superior program, but we have a surprisingly Green concept that will change everything you thought about sanitizing a building.