Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

There are three best-known forms of ozone generation.  First is ozone created by the intersection of UV light as it passes through an oxygen environment.  We see this in our upper atmosphere where UV light from the sun creates the "Ozone Layer" as the UV light hits the oxygen in earth's atmosphere.  We can recreate the same reaction when an ozone generator uses UV light to treat the air passing through the generator system.

Second is what is termed corona ozone generation.  Ozone is produced when an electrical spark, or corona, is generated in the open air which will create ozone as well.  We see this in nature when a thunder and lightening storm passed through.  The lightning will literally create tons of ozone.  Do not be concerned about this event as ozone lasts only about 20 minutes and reverts back to normal oxygen.

Finally, we know about the cold plasma form of ozone creation.  Like the Tesla coil inside a large glass bulb, you do not feel any heat, but you will see the spark inside the glass.  When properly designed, cold plasma ozone generation uses a glass enclosed set of electrodes to create the spark between the two electrodes.  Unlike the corona-type ozone plates that expose metal to the air, the glass shield the metal that creates what might be considered a better ozone since there is no exposed metal surfaces.

Definition: Plasma is a state of matter in which an ionized gaseous substance becomes highly electrically conductive to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominate the behavior of the matter. The plasma state can be contrasted with the other states: solid, liquid, and gas.

Medical ozone uses the cold plasma, uses the cold plasma system but requires a pure oxygen feed.  The result is a more potent type of ozone without an metal exposures by the electrodes.  Ozone generators that intake ambient air are not considered medical ozone. 

Professional ozone treatments for sanitizing a room, destroying odors, or killing mold require large volumes of air through the ozone generator which cannot be supplied by an oxygen tank or oxygen generator.  Logistically, it is not workable to treat large areas with a pure oxygen system.

When it comes to the best common decision, the corona-type machines we have reviewed are the best value for the money, durable in design, and easily serviced.