Answering Fears about Ozone Treatments

Whenever someone new hears about ozone, they seem driven to repeat the Boogie Man: story that "ozone is toxic and is a serious health concern."  This comes from an EPA statement based on a study that showed that ozone can cause respiratory irritation.  It is even speculated that there is a lethal level of ozone although no one has been known to die of ozone.  So, let's take all that one face value because it has some common experience that we can recognize.  Ozone will irritate the lungs at high level of concentration.

On the other side, is a volume of very beneficial and positive reports about ozone.  It removes odors.  It is a tremendous sanitizer.  It will detoxify a the air or water.  It will kill mold.  It will even kill pests.  Are we dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde kind of solution that is both very bad and very good.  Or, is this an extraordinary toll found in nature that could be used badly. I suggest that there are many very, very good things that can be used badly.  They are, however, unequivocally a great blessing in their normal use.

WATER is undeniably a part of nature's resource that we all enjoy on many levels.  We drink, bath in it, wash clothes in it, water our lawns with it.  When it rain, water cleans the air, refreshes the earth and it plants.  Rivers and oceans are a source of life and beauty.  Yet, thousand of people die of drowning in water.  Storms at sea sink ships.  Floods ravage populated areas.  Water also causes erosion.

Did you know that if you DRINK TOO MUCH WATER, it can kill you?  Leah Betts died on November 16, 1995 as the result of drinking too much water.  It is called "Water Intoxication".  In July 6th, 2012, A Finnish girl who drank more than 6 quarts of water in a game with classmates died of brain complications caused by consuming too much water, officials said.  The girl, 12, had played "water poker" on the Aland Islands of Finland near Sweden.  

Divers and premature babies have died from TOO MUCH OXYGEN which is admitted rare as well.

How many people are poisoned every year from normal cleaning products found around the home?  In 2002, an estimated 111,870 children ages 14 and under were treated in hospital emergency rooms for unintentional poisoning.  Nearly 80 percent of these injuries were to children ages 4 and under.  Cleaning products rank high as one of the causes for accidental poisoning.

Let's return to ozone.  Other than the concerns for smog and ozone as a contributing factor to smog and pollution, there are no deaths by ozone.  Some studies have shown that "Long Term Exposure to Ozone" contribute to premature death and certain ailments.  However, this is well known, and safety standards should accompany any unusual exposures to reactive products.  There are liabilities to nearly any industrial process.  And, we all know the saged advice that "Too much of Anything can be Bad for you>"

It is well passed time to understand that there is a reasonable warning abut ozone.  It it is used improperly, there will be some negative effect that we can only speculate might be lethal if the ozone exposure was extremely high and applied over a long period.  Too much sunlight on the beach can severely burn you and can cause sun poisoning.  

So, we argue in the most confident manner that ozone is truly one of the least offending and wonderfully beneficial gifts of nature.  Ozone is created every single day by lightning in  storm and the sun in our atmosphere.  Ozone is our best friend when it comes to filtering sunlight by forming the "Ozone Layer" in the stratosphere that filters out much of the harmful radiation of the sun.  It is true that on hot and sunny days, the sun's creation of ozone compounds the concerns for smog, but we really can't control that.

There are liabilities when it comes to using ozone.  Like any good thing that can be abused, ozone comes with some cautionary rules that should be observed.  When applied in any home or building, we strongly suggest that it be done by a Certified Ozone Technician.  Recent availability of ozone generators has lead to amateur use of ozone without sufficient regard for the misuse that can occur.

The National Ozone Association strongly suggests that the use of ozone generators be applied by trained and certified ozone technicians to prevent any potential for harm caused to people, pet, or facility.