Is this a Good Time to Start an Ozone Business?

As the pandemic loses its death grip on American society, we are hearing people ask, "Is this a good time to start an ozone business?"  Let's take a look at the support or criticism of starting an ozone business.  

One of the criticisms is that there are already enough sanitizing companies out there and the pandemic is fading away.  Partially true, but the reality is that "COVID is here to stay."  The momentary lull is a readjustment period after the storm has recently moved on.  COVID-19 was the seventh coronavirus version, and we are told that we can expect a new version of coronavirus each year.  Some will be a normal infection issue like SARS.  But, it can also be another COVID pandemic-type virus.  It is twice-foolish to let our guard down after being so badly impacted with COVID-19.

Yes, overnight sanitizing startups are going to drop from the market, but this is due to bad planning.  They rush to fill a void that would eventually return to normal.  Those who follow our business model know that we see our business concept as much more than sanitizing.  We see the indoor air quality as a more expansive issue.  Prior to COVID-19, other services like, odor removal, mold, allergies, and sick buildings were our mainstay.  

In short, if you want to start an ozone business, you need to offer more than sanitizing.  This is the core principal behind Five Way Sanitized.  This service model offers five benefits (not just one) during the sanitizing process.  Even if sanitizing is less important, there are other pressing concerns that building owners and managers will need to address.

This is why some services got a big boost during the pandemic, but they will also survive the boom side of the market demand.  Take for example, how many homes, building, stores, vehicles, and office has an odd odor?  How many apartments, condos, and homes on the market have bad odors after years of normal living by the previous family.  These problems were ignored during the pandemic, but are now going to become a source of business for good ozone companies.

Frankly, I believe that this is actually the best time to start an ozone business because we have added value on sanitizing, but the other, more-normal chores have been postponed.  This is the time to build on the real needs of the community, not the whipsaw impact of a pandemic.

Where do you start?  NOAI offers a business package for those who want to take a more direct and certain path to success.  The Certified Ozone Technician course is your first step.  Then, look to NOAI to suggest the best equipment ... not some self-promoting Internet guru.  As your business grows, NOAI has more options, more support, and more value because these are people who have worked in the good and bad times and came out alive and prosperous.

To summarize, this is actually a better time to start your ozone business than at the height of the pandemic.  The pandemic was a hiccup in the market that has already provided great and growing ozone businesses in the United States and all parts of the world.