The History of Ozone

Ozone HistoryOzone has been a part of our world since the beginning of time.  The ozone layer protects us from excess ozone.  Every lightning storm produces more than 40 tons of ozone that sanitizes our world while the rain washes away the debris.  During daylight hours, minor amounts of ozone happens everywhere on earth.  As a standard part of nature, ozone is a Green and Sustainable compound that can be used to remediate environmental threats.

  • 1775: Dutch chemist Martinus Van Marum is the first person to experimentally detect ozone.
  • 1840: German chemist Christian Friedrich Schonbein formally classifies and names ozone. Schonbein immediately recognizes and begins experimentation on the disinfecting qualities of ozone. 
  • 1857: Ernst Werner von Siemens manufactures the first commercial ozone generator, as well as authors a book on ozone water purification. 
  • 1893: Oudshoorn, Netherlands installs the first technical-scale application of ozone for water purification.
  • 1906: Based upon extensive studies of the Oudshoorn, Netherlands application, another ozone water purification unit is installed in Nice, France. 
  • 1907: French chemist Marius Paul Otto starts a specialized company for the manufacture of ozone installations: 'Compagnie des Eaux et de l'Ozone'.
  • 1940: Over 100 Large-scale ozone water purification installations in use throughout the world. 
  • 1977: The number of worldwide ozone water purification installations reaches 1043. 
  • 1982: FDA GRAS declaration for ozone use in bottled water - FDA approved for bottled water. 
  • 1984: Olympic Games require that all events are swum In ozone pools. 
  • 1985: Over 2000 industrial ozone water purification systems in active use around the world as the harmful side effects of chemical-based purification becomes known. 
  • 1986: CT values adopted by the EPA.
  • 1996: USDA approved as a disinfectant.
  • 1997: Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by FDA and USDA.
  • 2001: FDA approved as an antimicrobial agent on food.
  • 2004: Approved USDA Nat'l Organic Program - Standard 7 C.F. R. Part 205-605.

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