IAQ Specialist Course

IAQ TrainingAfter several months of work and development, we are proud to announce a collaboration with the Green Clean Institute in the creation of the new IAQ Specialist training course.  

This course is a very serious undertaking which is a 20 hour course of study.  We have employed video training at every level rather than a lot of text information.  This allows our course to get more information out in less time.  The IAQ Specialist course is literally a valuable next step anyone in the building services area.  This means cleaning services, HVAC, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, odor removal, mold remediation, sanitizing, and air quality services.

The indoor air quality is often one of the most ignored and still more problematic issues of our day.  While everyone likes clean floors and a building that smells clean, up to 60-70% of all building are unhealthy for several reasons.  The recent COVID-19 scare showed everyone how under prepared we were to defend against disease.  Well, pathogens of all types are an indoor air issue that is often made worse by the over-reaction of splashing around VOC-producing chemical sanitizers.

In light of the COVID-19, it should be more important to consider what is in the air that makes people sick or causes serious discomfort.  Pathogens (bacteria and virus) are not only on surfaces.  These infectious agents are free-floating in the air as well.  The inability to treat the air proves the importance of indoor air quality as a health issue.

But, there are more factors than germs in the air.  There are particles and allergens that impact our health.  There are toxic gases and pollutants in every building as well.  Mold and mold spores further worker health.  Odors spread through the air warning us that something has gone bad.

Consider the gallons upon gallons of cleaning products brought into the building each year.  Add to this the pesticides and fragrances that add to what is called the bioload of the building.

In short, we need professionally trained people who truly understand the immediate and long-term impact of air quality.  Though invisible, the multiple health threats in the air go untreated every year making every building incrementally more toxic every year.  Eventually, toxic building take their toll on the workers inside.  

NOAI and the Green Clean Institute are pleased to offer our new online, video IAQ Specialist training course.  Learn how to make IAQ Specialist a profitable business without business system.  More Information ...