NOAI joins the Green Clean Institute to promote Healthy Buildings

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

NOAI has been the leader in training for Green and safe remediation services for over twenty years.  NOAI is pleased to now joined with the Green Clean Institute to sponsor the out Specialist course that has a noble and important mission.  Our goal is to do more than sanitize, remove odor, treat mold, or strip out particles and pollution.  Our mission statement has broadened to serve our community better.

Healthy Buildings for Healthy People

Between 30-60% of buildings are toxic or semi-toxic.  The ration depending on age, outside factors, and processes in the buildings.  But, as many as 1 in 4 people have chemical festivities.  Diagnosed MCS cases range from 12.13% in California, 8.60% in Texas, and 6.50% in Florida.  

In the last ten years, doctor diagnosed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities have grown by 300%, and self diagnosed cases by 200%.  Estimates are that roughly 84,632,587 Americans are suffering from some version of chemical sensitivities, and you likely have a family member and friends who are suffering with a mild to major problem of chemical sensitivities.

Here are some indications of MCS:

  1. An odd sense of smell where odors or fragrances annoy you
  2. The exhaust of diesel creates a headache
  3. Colognes and perfumes are over-powering
  4. Headaches, fatigues, and nausea when in certain buildings
  5. Rashes, hives, and skin irritation when in contact with certain products
  6. Mold in the building causes obvious discomfort
  7. You must now avoid certain cleaning or personal grooming products
  8. You must restrict your diet from more and more foods
  9. You must restrict your activities from certain places that make you sick
  10. You cannot wear certain types of clothing

People with chemical sensitivities are on overload.  They have reached a point where their body cannot tolerate one more exposure to something that used to be no problem at all.  Age is a factor, but the problem is actually at whatever point your body hits a "Toxic Event".  A Toxic Event is a trigger point that can happen in one big event or many minute events.

The biggest problem is that roughly the 74% of mostly healthy people do not understand or want to understand what a chemical sensitivity is.  They can tolerate smoke, smells, sprays, and common products; so the problem must be that the complaining person is just a nuisance.  

In the last few years, the Department of Labor and OSHA has classified chemical sensitivities as a listed disability and is able to enforce accommodations for these people or levy large fines.

We suggest that all service providers (cleaning companies, odor removal services, sanitizing services, HVAC and duct cleaning, carpet cleaners, and remediation services), take the IAQ specialist training from and participate in the our nation program to create Healthy Buildings for Healthy People.