The New Normal for Every Business

The coronavirus caught everyone mostly unprepared and fighting to catch up to the infectious threats.  And, there is an important lesson for every business and home.  We can wait for the disease to hit and take action after the problem is already infecting people (reactive response).  Or, we can be proactive by adding a new and important dimension to the cleaning program.  There are three phases of a complete cleaning program:  Clean, Sanitize, and Protect.

We see this as "The New Normal" as the old normal left every business, school, store, and home an easy target for the spread of infection.  In the new normal, we accept that COVID-19 is not the last ugly disease headed our way.  Whether bacterial like MRSA or viral like the coronavirus, there are more diseases on their way and there is no stopping the threats.  But, we can change is how prepared we are to prevent and protect ourselves for what we know is coming.

Imagine a country that has a small, ill-prepared army that is suddenly attacked.  At the last minute, the country must ramp up to fight an invasive army intent on killing as many of them as possible.

The new normal in cleaning is no longer cleaning, which is the appearance aspect.  It is not longer cleaning and sanitizing, which is applied only as needed.  

The NEW NORMAL is cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting the building on a constant basis.  Cleaning is no longer enough.  In fact, cleaning only is a failure in progress.  We know that simple cleaning will not even stop the spread of a cold, not to mention a highly-infectious disease spreading through the population.