Coronavirus - The New Normal of Cleaning

The New Normal in CleaningFor years, we have worked to dislodge the poor cleaning methods used to clean homes and buildings.  Years ago, DuPont ran an advertising campaign with the phrase, "Better Things for Better Living through Chemistry".  This was a popular idea 40 years ago as it seemed that science was nothing but wonderful and full of astounding promise.  But, chemicals are artificial and come with numerous unintended consequences.  

Today 70% of the air quality of public buildings is either toxic or semi-toxic.  Years and years of cleaning chemicals, pesticides, fragrances, pollution, and building material offgassing within the closed environment circulates tainted air 24/7.  This impacts workers and has known long-term disease-related threats.

In light of the SARS, MRSA, and COVID-19 rampant infections, it is obvious that we are all playing catchup and fearful that the next awful plague will kill millions before we can solve the threat.  

Our issue is that common cleaners and sanitizers not only introduce chemical residue, called VOCs, they artificially prevent disease.  In fact, sanitizing may create a worse condition than before the sanitizer was applied.  

How?  Well, bad pathogens grow faster than the good microorganisms.  Bad bacteria can grow from just one surviving bacteria is 16 million in about eight hours.  We need good bacteria for a normal life.  Good bacteria are called probiotics, and they are very important to a normal, healthy life.

For example, the good bacteria in your digestive system is critical to your health.  If you take an antibiotic for an illness, it will kill off the bacteria infection.  But, it will kill off your good bacteria too.  If you don't replace it with a probiotic or yogurt, your health and immunity will suffer.

Well, sanitizing products like bleach kill off all microbial life, good and bad.  This creates a vacuum, and that is not good.  Reinfection is easy and the bad microorganisms can reproduce without hindrance.  So, post-sanitized surfaces are easily re-infected.  Like your body, there is no immunity when the sanitizer kills off the good microbial life.

We use ozone or a Decon Five spray to sanitize the area, but then we apply a coating of probiotics that do several good things.  Essentially, probiotics crowd out the potential for germs to survive on the surface.  So, they act much like a barrier or prophylactic to re-infection.  

Probiotics provide a balance or homeostasis for our lives and our environment.  They are sympathetic to a healthy life.  Science loves chemicals, but people do much better when there is a normal, healthy environment.  

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