An Alternative to Ozone

As much as we like ozone, there are alternative that can do as much as ozone and a few things more.  Everything comes with their pluses and minuses.  As an all-round solution, ozone to effective, reliable, and a non-chemical treatment that sanitizes, removes odors, and kills mold.

One alternative is a hydroxyl generatator.  The big plus is the is no ozone smell and hydroxyl generators can be operated while people do their normal activities in the building.  The minus is that hydroxyl generators can take days to sanitize or neutralize odors.

Ozone would be considered the brute force option that treats a variety of indoor air quality problems.  Hydroxyl generators gradually improve the the indoor air quality and can be used routinely or constantly to solve indoor air quality issues.  Ozone will kill mold and hydroxyl systems do not.

The ability to run a hydroxyl generator 24/7 is a fantastic way to constantly sanitize the air.  In addition to proper cleaning and personal hygienic practices, running a hydroxyl generator will sanitize the area even as any threat may enter the area.  Hydroxyl generators cost more than ozone generators, but the ability to constantly treats the air in actively-used areas.  During any infectious disease cycle, which includes flu and cold season, hydroxyl generators are a smart and effective solution as most disease pass through the air as well as infected surfaces.

Filtration systems, including HEPA filters, may remove particles from the air, but do not remove pathogens from the air.  Bacteria and viruses are simply too small to be trapped by a filter system.  Indoor air quality is more complex than billions of particles suspended in the air.  There are a variety of gases and some of these gases are noxious or toxic.  There are germs that may live for days on surfaces or the air.  There are odors from a variety of sources. 

Unclean areas tends to add to odors and hide and protect bacteria.  Chemicals and cleaning products used in the build can create a toxic or semi-toxic atmosphere that can make people sick.