Find a Sanitizing or Mold Service in Your City

When it comes to the multitude of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems, there is an immediate need to find a true professional who offers fair pricing for a professional job.  There are some national franchises that offer sanitizing, flood cleanup, mold removal, and such; but they come at a heavy price and with ill-trained workers to do the job.  Franchised services actually charge twice as much as a professional local service provider.  

The OMG Sanitizing network represent independent companies who live and die by their reputation, their professional skills, and commitment to the communities they serve.  Those in the OMG Sanitizing directory are trained and certified by NOAI and continue to hone their skills through continuing education, innovative treatments, and a commitment to eco-safe processes.  This same commitment to non-chemical, sustainable, and eco-friendly processes is extremely important as persistent use of chemical products may actually toxify or poison the air in any building.

NOAI is an international organization committed to oxidative treatments that harness the power of natural solution to unnatural problems.  While many believe that bleach is a good way to sanitize and kill germs, bleach is widely known as a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which pollutes the air.  So do more than 94% of the cleaning and sanitizing products sold on store shelves.  In fact, many strong chemicals will do the job, but the health impact on those in the building is harmful and years of exposure will shorten lives and increase dread diseases.

This leaves the question of who will people turn to when faced with an invasive and ugly problem in their home, school, or business?  We suggest that you consider one of the highly-qualified members of the OMG Sanitizing network