Ozone and Remediation Services

Indoor Air RemediationMaybe you are enamored with ozone because it does so many good things, but feel as though you are spending way too much time explaining and defending ozone to people.  But let me repeat something that I will emphasis throughout 2014.  "Ozone is a Tool, not a Service"  Our service is better understood as REMEDIATION.  So, maybe we need to do a better job to explaining what we do, not talking about the tools that we use.  When you buy food at the store, do you ask, "How did they grow this corn," or "How did they make this bread?"   Nope, you bought the food because you NEEDED it.  The how part was not a big issue in your choice.

So, when people hear about WHAT you do (service), they may not be extremely concerned on How you do it (tools used).  

Remediation means fixing something that is broken, ruined, or compromised.  We remediate odor.  We remediate mold problem.  The same is true for sanitizing, allergy problems, biohazards, flood, fire, and pollution.  We make life better for people who have to live in compromised environments.  Hence, Environmental Health Services.  

The transition is clear.  We can try using a hammer when a screwdriver is needed, or we can present ourselves in a better light.  "We fix the air you breath."  "We fix the mold that threatens your family".  "We kill the germs that want to kill you."  "We restore what flood and fire has destroyed,"  "We solve the triggers to allergies and asthma."  That is what the broad scope of remediation services can do.

Ozone is one of the best tools we have ever seen.  It has broad applications, and it is highly effective.  Unfortunately, it is also poorly understood and has had more than a few unkind critics.  For all the good we know about ozone, we must also overcome obstacles and objections to ozone. What about the ozone layer?  What about the EPA comments on ozone?  What about some professionals who criticize ozone?   In fact, many remediation services already use ozone, but don't boast about it.  Mold remediators, biotramua, sanitizing services, and more have ozone generators.

I have a huge desire to carry a bottle of bleach with me, plop it on the table, and demand that they read all the bad stuff about it.  If you drink it you will die.  If you splash it in your eyes, you could be blinded.  If you breath it, you will have a bad reaction.  If you combine it with ammonia, it produce a gas that will destroy your lungs.  But, you are comfortable with bleach and ammonia products while ozone has such comparatively modest warnings?

A a remediation service, I may use a number of tools. We have enzymes, antimicrobials, ozone, nanotechnology, and various tools that we bring to the problem.  While ozone is a great and broadly used tool, I let people know that we are here to solve the problem with environmentally-safe processes.   I do not lead every introduction with ozone.  If there is an odor, I may present a multi-step proposal that includes cleaning, neutralizing and stabilizing, and full remediation of the problem.  Are you impressed?  You should be because that is what people want to hear.  Words have power, and if I say "Well, we'll just blast it with ozone and see if that works"; you are going to be less impressed ... if not a little worried about what I intend to do.

Look, most jobs are not (or should not) be one-stop quickies.  If you can get those ... fine.  The good paying jobs want you to impress them with your ability to get the job done right.  

So, remember to parse out the full process to solve the problem.   Allergy issues may require a few indoor air test for mold and pollen along with allergy tests for the person before we start the full remediation process.  So, you want to shift to an initial assessment and list of services the job will need.  Then, a $150 job done quickly, may be a $1500 job that is done right!

Environmental Remediation ServicesERS Consultants are required to be head and shoulders over some amateurs with an ozone machine in their trunk.  Besides, do you realize how easy it is to replace you if the customer just buys an ozone machine.  We have to know that the easy entry of this industry is its Achilli's Heel that will fail with increased competion.  This is why we brought BioZone Protectant into the program.  We need more tools and the knowledge to know how and when to use them.  Environmental Health Services enlarges our network with more services, and provides the best definition of what you do and why people need you to make their lives better.