Getting Started in the Remediation Business

Ozone TrainingNew for 2020: The Certified Ozone Technician course includes all oxidative techniques.  As a professional, it is important to understand some of the science as well as the techniques that belong to the remediation services.  Therefore, we have revised the COT course to include the various oxidative methods that will prove helpful for treating a variety of IAQ and remediation problems.
  - NEW in 2020:  We include a download document "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation" from the National Ozone Association that covers the critical protocols for professional ozone treatments.
  -  Benefit from participation in a national remediation certification
  -  Get the support of access to professionals who provide answers to questions
  -  Add other certifications for mold remediation, IAQ services, and environmental solutions
  -  Access to professional equipment, testing tools, and the best solutions
Firm membership allows up to five persons to earn the COT certification.  Membership includes periodic updates, access to advanced training, access to valuable documentation, and direct access to our staff for guidance.

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Ozone CertificationThe National Ozone Association seeks to build a professional association to replace the DIY approach that harms the value of REMEDIATION services.  Ozone machines are now sold to anyone via the Internet.  Mistakes are being made due to amateur ozone treatments.  And, there are dozens of products on the market, and many of them create further chemical contamination.  We believe in eco-friendly solutions that are highly effective.  Ozone is one of the best oxidizing agents we possess.  We want to expand your knowledge, your abilities to treat problems, and increase the revenue of your business.

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