Using Probiotics Post-Ozone Treatment

Probiotic FoggingIt is well understood that ozone is a sanitizing agent.  It also destroys odors at the source and kills mold and mildew.  However, professionals know that good bacteria (probiotics) are an important aspect for any healthy building.  As probiotics are vitally important to your gut and proper digestion, they are equally important for a healthy building environment.  

The concern is that ozone will kill bacteria and virus, but that bacteria can rapidly rebound.  This impacts the bad bacteria and viruses as well as to good microorganisms.  

We believe that all sanitizing programs are a "Moment in Time" where the pathogenic threats are powerfully reduced.  The big question is how long with that sanitizing process last?  

The sanitized surfaces will last until an infected person enters the building or the surviving bacteria rebound.  Surviving bacteria can return to prior levels in four to eight hours.  Probiotic dominance uses the power of quorum sensing and majority messaging to deny food and opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to thrive.  

This quart of probiotic concentrate makes 8 gallons of product that can be fogged or sprayed on surfaces after the sanitizing is completed.

.... Price is $65/quart plus $5 shipping