Prbiotics as a Pre- or Post-Ozone Strategy

Probitics and Infection ControlIn the search for a great product to team with ozone, we have returned to the consideration of enzymes and probiotics.  These are microorganisms that we refer to as "Digesters" which is another way to not cover, but destroy the source of odors.  We like essential oils too, but they treat mostly the air that is circulating.  Even ozone is considered topical because it does not easily penetrate into curtains, carpet, furniture, and dissolve organic buildup.

Ozone is an oxidizer, meaning it bonds with various compounds to create an oxide of that compound.  Oxides tend to be neutral so the odor or problem is no longer a threat.  Ozone kills bacteria and viruses by oxidizing (burning) the outer membrane so they die.  

Digesters, like enzymes and oxidizers, actually eat the source of the problem.  Ozone could be the frontal attack, and probiotics could be seen as the rear attack because it uses a different process.  You cannot use ozone and probiotics at the same time because ozone kills microbial organisms.  So, this is applied in a fine mist or spray before or after the ozone treatment.

Okay, why do we like ozone?  It is a natural and very safe product.  You could literally take a bath in the stuff with nothing but good results.  An accidental spray in the eyes will not harm you.  The same could not be said for strong chemical products like bleach and advertised remediation products.

Probiotics match our theme of solving the problem at the source.  Probiotics can go where ozone cannot.  Applied in a water mixture, we saturate pet urine stains, let it work for ten minutes and vacuum the water back out.  By the way, there are immediate results, but the probiotics live for 3-5 days eating up the organic material then die off.

After years of field experience, we have found that the best probiotics come from one source.  Located in Florida, the godfather of probiotics has grown his company into an international network with the best formulation out there.  So, we join with the Green Clean Institute in promoting this Green certified product.

Now, let's talk cost.  Probiotics can be shipped as a concentrate.  Some applications are 1:100 mixes with water, and can be applied quickly with a misting system.  They estimate about $1.00 per gallon depending on how strong the mixture is.  This is very good news for price-conscious services, and it helps to know that we have a professional "secret sauce" that compounds the real impact of any remediation service.

And, probiotics have an infection control value that exceeds what typical sanitizers can offer as they have no residual germ-inhibiting power.  

We offer a powerful training course that allows can mitigation or cleaning service to adopt probiotics as part of their strategies.  

... $100 USD per firm allows multiple use by staff