How to Remove Cat Urine Smell

Cat urine is a constant problem.  All the focus seems to be on the kitty litter box, which is an obvious maintenance issue.  Cats and dogs will "spray" to mark their territory.  Dog and cat odors aren't always about the pet needing to go to the bathroom.  Obviously, male cats are worse about this habit.  If you take your pet out, you will notice this habit as they use this scent to let others know they are in the area.

Of course, if the pet is temperamental, peeing and pooping is a way of protesting and temperamental pets will often "Do their business" in offending ways as an expression of their discontent.

Pet Urine Odor Removal Requires more than Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of the cause, the problem will require more than carpet cleaning.  Pets can spray furniture, curtains, and hard surfaces.  And while you may not smell it, the real test is others coming into your home can smell it.  To avoid this, there are plenty of masking sprays that do not really solve the problem.  Like the cherry smell in the bathroom, it is not a sanitizer or odor removal device.  Covering the odor actually makes things worse because you are adding yet another chemical to the air.

Carpet cleaning is generally recommended, and there are targeted treatments use to locate and treat pet stains.  But, it is likely that you will find that carpet cleaning is not enough.  This is because odors migrate and transfer to all parts of the building.  Smell embed into furniture, cushions, drapes, and cling to walls. Try a digester product like probiotics to eat away the urine deposits before or after the ozone treatment.  Apply liberally, and let it work for a couple of days.  

There are a few ways to effective and completely eliminate odor that don't require bulldozing the house and starting over again.  The use of ozone by a professional is one of the most promising options.  Ozone is another form of oxygen created on the spot by a professional odor removal service.  During treatment all people and pet are out of the building, and a high concentration of ozone is flooded throughout the house. 

This concept is also used in kennels to remove the odor and sanitize.  The extra benefit of the professional use of ozone is the fact there it sanitizes the area as well.  Ozone is a fantastic sterilant that is being used in operating rooms.  So, ozone treatment will clear away the odor and kill off the diseases that come with kennel stays..  Find a true professional at OMG Sanitizing