Sanitize Your Church

We are fielding calls from churches about how best to sanitize the facility.  This is good news, and we hope to shed some important light on the subject.

Fogging is a good idea, but there may be some light residue left behind and this is an immediate solution without ongoing value against re-infection.  If you hire the service, it can be expensive and needs to be repeated quite often.

Ozone treatments can be scheduled each night; but the building must be vacant during the treatment, and ozone sanitizing is also an immediate solution without residue value against re-infection.

Vortex Fogging systems are quite effective as they fog-out the area each night.  This is labor saving but still an immediate solution with no residual value against re-infection.

Hydroxyl Generators run 24/7/365 in the building.  These systems have no odor nd can be run with people in the building.  Other than a bit of noise from the fan, which can be adjusted, hydroxyl sanitizing is EPA registered, safe, and highly effective at killing all types of pathogens.

In our experience, the hydroxyl generator option is the better choice, but all the above work well.  The other consideration is the labor or cost of labor to continually sanitize the building.  With the Vortex fogging system or the hydroxyl generator system, the labor issue is nearly zero along with the cost to pay workers.