Sanitizing for a Healthy Building

When you want your car fixed, would you go to a tire store that also does mechanical work, or a mechanic who knows how to diagnose and fix any problem you have with your car?

Why then hire a sanitizing service that was a carpet cleaning service last week?  The Five Way Sanitized network, are trained and backed by hundreds of professionals who can solve more than one issue.  The fact is that sanitizing is more than wiping off surfaces.  The COVID virus is like so many other viruses that can spread by touch or by wafting in the air.  

When a sanitizing service is treating only the surfaces, you are only getting half the job done.  We know that surface can be re-infected as soon as people are allowed back into the area.  Surface cleaning helps, but how do we clean the air of viruses like the coronavirus?

Fogging is the best way to quickly treat all surfaces and all the air.  The 50 micron fogging droplets suspend in the air long enough to collect and kill all types of pathogens.  The same fogging strips the air of particulate that can contain dust, dirt, pollen, and pollutants.  In the end, a healthy building is more than just a sanitized building.  A healthy building is judged predominately by the indoor air quality (IAQ).

The indoor air quality has several factors beyond temperature and humidity levels.  Pathogens (bacteria and virus) are yets another factor that can impact workers, students, and customers.  Particulates are dust, dirt, pollen and pollutants.  VOCs are toxic fumes that offgas from building materials, furniture, pesticides, and cleaning products.  Even odors will impact the air quality.

Frankjly, most sanitizing programs and products are not enough.  There is more to the building environment than the threat of infectious disease.  Yes, infectious disease can make a building a health hazard, but there are other types of environmental threats that should and must be considered.  Particulates, pollution, toxic fumes, and odd odors are reasons to be concerned about the health of the building.

See: for the best way to sanitize a building and make it a healthy building.