Start an Ozone Business

Start an Odor Removal BusinessStarted an Ozone Business ... But do it Right.

Ozone services  are emerging as a reliable and bona fide startup business with many real world applications.  In the early days, you could buy an ozone generator off the Internet and go out on gut instinct.  

Many tried, and many failed because there is a lot of distance between  a good idea and a good business.  There is often a lot on the line so, this is not the time to "Fly by the Seat of your Pants."  The cost of doing it right isn't that much, and what is offered by the National Ozone Association give you all the training, tools, and support you need to make your business profitable and successful.

Ozone Oxidixing Gas  |  h2o2 Oxidizing Fogger

  1. Great, just got Greater:  Our two-step oxidation shortens time on the job and improves results
  2. Join the National Ozone Association and take the Certified Ozone Technician course.
  3. Offer more value and better results than straight ozone treatments
  4. You need some basic equipment: Ozone Generators and a ULV Fogger
  5. The Three Basic Products you will need to provide a Full Service instead of just an ozone treatment.  There is a difference.
NOAI Certified Ozone Technician Ozone Oxidizing Ozone Generator Add-on Products
National Ozone Association Ozone Training Best Ozone Generator

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Ozone Business tools

and Products


Full Tilt Professional Ozone Business Package for just $2500

You get two 32G Pro Ozone generators

A professional ULV fogger with 4' hose

The Amzing h2o2 Aqueous Ozone Fogging System

Marketing Program and has huge Potential

Certified Ozone Technician Course  & h2o2 Applicator's Course

Odor Removal - Sanitizing - Mold Killing - Detoxifaction

Start a BusinessSo, ask yourself.  Do you really want to buy an ozone generator from an online vendor?  Or, do you want to start a business that has unlimited potential, the best support anywhere, and the ability to step up to the next level when you are ready without reinvesting all over?  

If this is a serious commitment, failure is not an option.  No business endeavor comes with a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your odds by bringing your best effort to the project.  With so much on the line, it is no time to experiment or figure it out as you go.  The National Ozone Association has been the "Business Incubation" facility for hundreds of ozone-type business, and they bring a world of experience to their members.

Just know the best markets to approach, and how to approach them, is incredibly important.  With the clock ticking, money spent, and everything on the line; your first 90 days can make or break the real success of your business.  

Plenty of Room for Growth

Business MistakeWhat you may not know is that your start-up business has plenty of room for growth.  We have found the best markets and the best way to reach and serve these markets.  Right now, you are probably thinking about the residential odor removal, right?  Well, there is one of the common mistakes most people make.  

Residential business are One-Off Jobs that do not repeat.  So, each week is a new challenge of finding the next job that produce income for the company ... and you.  

We know of several types of jobs that are actually "Accounts" because they need weekly, monthly, or quarterly services.  Accounts, you will discover, are fantastic building stones for any business.  They create a monthly flow of money even if other work slows down.  But, there's more...

Ozone can be the entry point for special service and ancillary business.  What you may not know is that your basic business can grow laterally into other markets that pay for these services without hesitation.  The list is pretty vast, but we know that others have grown there business and found unplanned business opportunities:

  • Fleets, emergency vehicles, used car lots, and marinas 
  • Home inspection, dust cleaning, and mold remediation
  • Gyms, spas, and medical building
  • Sports programs and facilities
  • Real Estate, Property Management, and Corporate vendor
  • and many more

To be honest, you will not master these markets in a few weeks; but they are opportunities you will find the longer you grow your business.  We not only know about these markets and the best entry points.  We have the additional training that will allow you to step up as a trained professional to pull in huge contracts that will turn you from a one-man show to a high-powered business.

Be a Service, not a Guy with a Ozone Machine

If you want to make a business with ozone, you need to know that you are 100% replacable if they figure you out!  And, this will happen if you are the typical "One Trick Pony".  The ability to provide a full service with ozone followed by post-treatment with one or more of our addon product assures a better job, allows you to charge more, and people are less likely to buy a Chinese ozone knock-off and drop your service.

Our approach offers more than an ozone treatment.  It is a more developed service that changes the program depending on the job.  We vary about four key applications with ozone as the centerpiece.  This improves the quality of the job, customer appreciation, and justifies a better fee.  

Want to know more?  Just call Mark Tipton at (815) 272-1653 and learn more in 15 minutes than you will find on the Internet. Or email Mark at admin (at)