Business Options

One big and persistent question is about making a business with ozone.  First of all, ozone is not a business.  It is a tool that service businesses use.  So, your first lesson is to understand this is a service business.  Specifically, ozone fits into the Remediation or Mitigation areas of services.

The service that get the most attention is odor removal.  This is because people react to bad smells, and can easily tell if the problem is solved.  But, why stop there?  Ozone  is used to treat and kill mold.  It is a fantastic sanitizing agent.  It can be used as a gas or added to water for even more uses.

But, the key issue is that ozone is an oxidizer that leaves no chemical residue behind.  Oxidizers use available oxygen atoms to chemically change environmental threats.  So, remediation services using ozone might be:

     1- Odor Removal
     2- Mold remediation
     3- Infection prevention and control
     4- Flood and Fire restoration
     5- Allergy and asthma threats

The successful business does not get stuck on one aspect of treatment.  Your success is being able bring highly-effective solutions to a myriad of environmental problems.  For example, carpet cleaning services can improve their service and profits by offering to remove odors in more than carpets.  Others service the used car industry with success.  Otherss work with the property management sales and services.

As a NOAI member, we offer the guidance and training that increases the probability of success for your endeavor.