I Had to Treat my Stinky Car too!

I have treated homes, cars, and businesses with ozone, and I have treated my house at times as well.  Recently after a fishing trip, I neglected to take the bait out fo the car.  Though wrapped and in a bag, the next day (we live in Florida), the car smelled like a garbage can.  My wife was unhappy about the drive to church on Sunday, and I was equally bothered by the smell.

So, I pulled out the new 15/30G Max from www.allozone.com and ran it for about two hours in the car.  As you know, the ozone smell was most prominent the next day, but that began to fade through the day.

The good news is that the ozone completely removed the bad smell from my car, which frankly leaves a neutral smell once the ozone smell fades.  This is when you can introduce a positive scent that is not used to mask smells but to make a good impression.

What I liked about the 15/30G MAX was that I could lower the ozone output for the smaller space of my car to 15,000 mg/hr setting.  That was handy.

In the house, we treat it about monthly, but I use the 30,000 mg/hr setting to handle a larger area.  The dual power settings seems really smart and that is just a few of the smart ideas in the 15/30G MAX.

This unit is quite compact for the power it offers.  At less than twelve pounds and two powerful fans to drive the air through the system, I am impressed.

I have already expressed my opinion about finding the "Sweet Spot" for ozone output.  The 30,000 to 40,000 mg/hr seems to be the best level of output.  The ability to drop down to 15,000 mg/hr is simply a bonus for small areas, cars, trucks, or single rooms.