What Size Ozone Generator is Right?

What Size Ozone GeneratorWhen buying an ozone generator, one of the most common and most important questions, is "What size ozone generator is the right size for my application?"  This is actually quite a good question.  This is more complicated by the actual reality that there are various situations where ozone might be applied.

To answer this question realize that there are four variables: ozone output, the time duration of application, the room or building size, and the intensity of the problem.  The fact is that making the right choice is nearly impossible unless you are a professional with a lot of experience.

The National Ozone Association recently reviewed the 15/30G ozone generator from allozone.com.  Not only is the design and engineering superior to 90% of the other ozone generators on the market.  What was notable about this unit was its safety feature and versatility.  

The 15/30G Max ozone generator allows the user to switch between the two most popular ozone outputs (15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr).  With a flip of the switch, the user can adjust the output for room-size to house-size treatments.  

The second important feature is the built-in time from 1-180 minutes.  In fact, the vast majority of ozone jobs should be 1-3 hours allowing time to judge if a second treatment is needed later.  Many problems didn't happen quickly, so it stands to reason that multiple treatments allow the solution to match the problem and the layers of the target problem to be worn away.

The design and operation of the 15/30G from www.AllOzone.com earns high marks and the approval of the National Ozone Association.  For the price, it is going to be hard to match the quality, design, and operation of the 15/30 Max ozone generator.  When looking for an ozone generator for most jobs, the 15/30G Max is a smart choice.