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Ozone Business MarketingWe have determined that it is time to take a new direction as a neutral program that can better serve the ozone industry.  Our highly-trafficked website can be your format for reaching a very positive market.  Hereafter, all marketing shall be given an equal opportunity as long as it is fairly represented.  We get more than 1000 visits each month, and have very high SEO ratings.  Our Facebook page will add weight to those companies who promote with us.  Going forward, everyone has the same opportunity to participate, not dominate, in our growing market.  

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Starting in September 2014, we launched Call Remy.  This is our very own lead generation website for service providers.  Call Remy is unique and exciting.  Though not a quick fix for your business, each month, our extensive website reaches into your specific neighborhood to connect highly-targeted customer requests with proven, professional service providers.

In addition, learn how to participate in a branding program that allows you to build the flow of leads into a system that you can enjoy.  You can go it alone, or connect with something that has a much larger footprint.   Find out More ...

National Ozone AssociationThe National Ozone Association is proposing an invitation-only event with those who feel they would like to join a national network that is destined to develop a positive public awareness about the ozone service industry.  For those who would like to be considered for a two day event in the Columbus, Ohio area this Fall, we ask that you notify our office of your interest in the new approach to ozone services.  The National Ozone Association has adopted a neutrality policy seeking to draw the most prominent partners in the ozone industry to a collaborative event.  We will follow a previously published agenda that will include industry standards, market challenges, promotional efforts, and the possibility of a lobbyist for the ozone industry that will allow us to form public and government policies.   Read More ...

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