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In 2015, CallRemy.com will be greatly upgraded to a more interactive, more powerful website.  We are more than pleased at the new project.  We have earned a strong status on the Internet search engines, and we want to keep our momentum moving forward.  

As of June 1, 2015, we invite remediation/service type businesses to visit the new website and upgrade their free listing.   Find out More ...

Ozone Business MarketingAs we now reach 10,000 targeted visitors per month, we feel this is an opportunity for other service-related services or equipment providers to get in on our hard work.  NOAI is a friendly place to do some advertising to a very receptive market.   Your product or service will get placement on our Product Page, highlighted on our Facebook page, mentioned in our blog, and spread through social media.  We take year-long advertising projects to promote the best aspects of a business to an ever-increasing audience.

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National Ozone AssociationThe National Ozone Association is proposing an invitation-only event with those who feel they would like to join a national network that is destined to develop a positive public awareness about the ozone service industry.  For those who would like to be considered for a two day event in the Columbus, Ohio area this Fall, we ask that you notify our office of your interest in the new approach to ozone services.  The National Ozone Association has adopted a neutrality policy seeking to draw the most prominent partners in the ozone industry to a collaborative event.  We will follow a previously published agenda that will include industry standards, market challenges, promotional efforts, and the possibility of a lobbyist for the ozone industry that will allow us to form public and government policies.   Read More ...

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