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We are the first organization to bring the Ozone Neutralizer to market.  In fact, we invented this product with the help of a scientific team.  Ozone neutrlaizer solved the big problem of the ozone service.  After removing the ad odor with ozone, how do you get rid of the ozone smell?  We now offer this concentrated product as the smart solution.  It is also 100% natural and non-toxic.  

Fog with this product from instant odor neutralization.  It leaves behind a very light, pleasant smell that your customers will actually enjoy.  Click Here for More Info

Starting in September 2014, we launched Call Remy.  This is our very own lead generation website for service providers.  Call Remy is unique and exciting.  Though not a quick fix for your business, each month, our extensive website reaches into your specific neighborhood to connect highly-targeted customer requests with proven, professional service providers.

In addition, learn how to participate in a branding program that allows you to build the flow of leads into a system that you can enjoy.  You can go it alone, or connect with something that has a much larger footprint.   Find out More ...

The National Ozone Association has undertaken a major task to produce the first national standards for ozone remediation.  Because ozone is poorly understood and sometimes criticized by ill-informed people, the National Standards for Ozone Remediation will be a peer review and fact-based project to establish the Best Practices for ozone applications. This set of standards will serve to discount the myths and misunderstanding while providing a proven set of protocols for remediation with ozone.  This will allow a more reliable process for ozone applications.

Ozone has many applications for the enviromental Issues of our society.   Read More ...

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