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Business Launch Event: Many have asked for this.  We have done the research and we are ready to introduce the more effective programs for business success.  Never before have we made the ozone business so easy to follow.  Everything is ready for Day One operation.  There are five versions of target markets that will allow anyone with the drive to achieve success like never before.  

Offered in April, this is an extensive 3 day online video seminar type program offered online.

Don't wait for this event to come to your area.  This is a one-time program.

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Access to discounts on products, education, and support is very important to your overall success.  Those who choose to "Go it Alone" are prone to failure.  NOAI is a very small investment in your present and future success.  

NOAI offers a great support process that allows ozone services to become profitable and deliver better services.  There is more to the business than buying an ozone generator.  There is no resources for many ozone services after the purchase, and the start-up phase is a critical time that needs professional guidance.  

NOAI is your business support center.  Get product discounts, education course discounts, a great credential, and tremendous support as a NOAI member.    Read More

National Ozone AssociationThe National Ozone Association is proposing an invitation-only event with those who feel they would like to join a national network that is destined to develop a positive public awareness about the ozone service industry.  For those who would like to be considered for a two day event in the Columbus, Ohio area this Fall, we ask that you notify our office of your interest in the new approach to ozone services.  The National Ozone Association has adopted a neutrality policy seeking to draw the most prominent partners in the ozone industry to a collaborative event.  We will follow a previously published agenda that will include industry standards, market challenges, promotional efforts, and the possibility of a lobbyist for the ozone industry that will allow us to form public and government policies.   Read More ...

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