Ozone Generator Certification

certified ozone generatorBe assured, the National Ozone Association gladly reviews all types of ozone generators without bias.  The process is generally accomplished in less than 30 days and produces a full report of the review process including filming the actual test.  The fee is $2500 that would include the ability to list your reviewed models to claim the NOAI certification.

The application process is a form that needs to be completed, the support documents attached in support of your claims, and the temporary use of your ozone generator in our 5000 sq ft test room.  The ozone generator is returned to the company once the test is run.

We offer an NDA to any applicants.  We do not share your information in any way with the public or other firms.  It is your option to share the results of the test.  NOAI will post a notice of the approved ozone generators with the notation of 5/500/_m for the unit.

In addition, we ask for any support for overt claims by the ozone generators under consideration:

  1. Dimension size
  2. Weight
  3. Country of manufacture
  4. Type of system: Electrostatic, UV, or cold fusion
  5. Composition of case
  6. Corrosion resistance of parts
  7. Ozone output using pure oxygen
  8. Extra improvements to the unit

​The fee is $2500 for the process and $100 per each similar models.  Annual renewals for the certification are $1000 per year which includes a secondary review of any model changes.  The attached form can be used for the submission of any commercial ozone generator can be found below.  There is no bias in our testing.  Approved systems receive our testing and evaluation report, video of the ppm test, and use of our logo for the period of certification.