New Improved Ozone Training

Ozone TrainingThe National ozone Association is the most recognized source for ozone training and certification.  We are rolling out the latest and best Certified Ozone Technician training ever.  We have found the videos are much better than pages of text.  So, we have revamped the information and made the course 90% video and 10% text.

The Odor Removal Business

Odor RemvalDo you remember when ozone services built their business primarily on odor removal?  That market has been overshadowed by the demand for sanitization against the COVID-19 pandemic.  That market still exists as does the need for mold remediation in thousands of homes and businesses.  

How to Start a Sanitizing Service

If ever there was the perfect time to start a sanitizing service, this is it.  In previous years, sanitizing was maybe number five on a list of six things people that were important.  After COVID-19, sanitizing became number one in a big way.  As you start your sanitizing business, prepare to be more than what others are offering.  You can expect competition, so think of how you will stand out and stand above the competition.