Green Product Certification for Green Products

Green Product CertificationWe are proud to say that the Green Clean Institute receives a great deal of monthly traffic, and this allows our members to find training and green certified products.  To enhance the exposure of our Green product certification, we have launched an exclusive website dedicated to the certified products of our customers.  While the Gre

Mold Sickness and Mycotoxins

We hear from various people regarding mold treatments; and for the most part, the processes are successful.  The use of ozone prior to the remediation is a good idea because dead mold will not react by pushing out spores when disturbed.  It makes good sense to treat a molded area with ozone before, during, and after the actual work is done.  

Ozone and Allergy Relief

One of the surprising benefits of ozone is the relief experienced by allergy sufferers after the ozone treatment has been applied.  The positive benefits are often immediate and profound.  

Pet who are animal lovers but experiencing allergy symptoms as well as dog or cat odors often find that weekly ozone treatments are a great way to keep their house smelling better and their allergies under control.

Indoor Air Quality, the Silent Killer Touches All

Mold IAQThough long neglected, indoor air quality has been the silent killer for centuries.  You may have heard the phrase, silent killer, used for radon or carbon monoxide; but these are just two factors in the air.  There are a dozen ways to foul the air, and radon or carbon monoxide are probably something most people have heard about.  

Building Illness Impacts 30% of Workers

The problem of "Building Illness" is more common than most people realize.  Reportedly, about 30% of workers are affected by a reaction at work, but the probability that even more people are impacted by building related health problems.  While the classic building illness symptoms are notable reaction while in a problematic building, some lesser issues can be itchy eyes, sneezing, and even an curious rash.